"The letter to Mr Cameron encourages me to work harder!" Says Elder Care Campaigner Amanda Waring

Amanda Waring | The Heart Of Care


Amanda Waring was pleased to learn how a letter, signed by a number of key charities that she has strong links with, has helped raise the profile further of our countries current elder care crisis through their impassioned plea. 

The letter, issued to the Prime Minister David Cameron, talks about the current problems we are suffering within this country in relation to funding our elder care issues and just how important it is that the Coalition Government realise this and quickly.

Amanda, actress, campaigner for elder care issues and award winning filmmaker works tirelessly to campaign for improved compassion and dignity for elder care and her work is certainly on-going.  her campaigning and educating has taken her worldwide, where she has seen firsthand how the problem has affected many.  Her films, which include award winning shorts used to train caring staff throughout the nation and fears that our elder care crisis, unless tackled head through educations and funding by the Coalition now, will only worsen.

"The vital challenge is that a long term action plan is implemented."  Says Amanda, "Dignity and compassionate care for our elders needs to be in the hearts and minds of the whole of the nation, including our figureheads.  We need to find the funds now in order to make these much needed changes but we also need to educate our caring staff and for that we urgently need to find the funds for."

Amanda's films and resources have been used many times over and are a vital resource when it comes to training caring staff in a cost effective way.  The content of the products, endorsed by many who signed the letter received by Cameron today, include Action on Elder Abuse, Macmillan and the Royal College of Nursing.  The content of the award winning materials is there to offer a powerful tool for staff to learn how to offer compassion and dignity with caring; a key issue facing our aging population in receipt of care.

"From reading what I have today, it drives me to continue with my own campaign trail and raise the profile of what I do even further.  I provide a solution and I want Mr Cameron to see that with my resources, there is a way!"

Amanda's new book 'The Heart of Care'  is published next month by Souvenir Press Ltd and provides and enlightening guide to person-centred elder care.

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