Training Nationally and Internationally, Amanda has become widely recognised as one of the UK's foremost inspirational speaker-trainers using her award winning films and books to educate and inspire.

Amanda is regularly delivering much needed workshops and keynote speeches on the themes of her latest films and her highly acclaimed training pack, which contains 24 additional films.

Accredited by British Journal of Nursing (BJN), The Heart of Care course illuminates key skills and knowledge required in contemporary care settings. With the BJN seal of approval, Amanda's workshops are recognised as an important and invaluable learning experience not to be missed.

The Heart of Care Workshop

This highly interactive thought provoking workshop combines anecdotes, readings, poems, life stories, practical advice and innovative exercises from Amanda’s first book, The Heart of Care. This training helps us to “conceptualise” person centred care that encompasses dignity, compassion and respect, reminding us to SEE the individual inside, and FEEL what they feel. Amanda provides a unique and unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly transform attitudes.

End of Life Workshop

We will explore the power of communication, the ability to be with those who are dying, to honour them through music, song, silence and touch, so we may enhance the lives of not only those we are caring for, but of ourselves as well.  We will look at regrets, forgiveness, and gratitude, and explore grief and the sensitive support of the relatives during this time.

The Angel Carer Workshop

This workshop promotes the virtues needed at a time of anxiety, fear, or when facing death, allowing carers to understand the importance of neither being above, below or separated, but being with and alongside those we care for. It provides the emotional medicine on how to calm the spirit when questions cant be answered.

Spirituality and Care Workshop

This workshop addresses the spiritual and emotional needs of staff, residents and relatives and how to embody compassion and enable communication around spiritual needs.