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We believe Dignity should be in Action every day so to celebrate the start of this new decade, we're gifting £50 towards Amanda Waring's ground breaking Professional Care Worker training What Do You See?, specifically designed for Care Home Managers and their Staff.

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About The What Do You See? Training

Take the steps to enriching and re-affirming your understanding and continuing practice of person centred care by utilising this training pack.
Let us remember that for anyone privileged to look after patients at whatever stage of their lives ,that the duty to uphold, protect and restore the dignity of those who seek care embraces the very essence of medicine and social services.
This workbook provides inspirational training that consolidates and combines practice with spirituality and creativity. In this pack we will be using practical exercises, visualisations, slide presentations, meditations, quotations, anecdote and poetry as innovative training tools. Amanda Waring’s highly respected short films included in this pack provide a powerful way to engage the heart, promote debate and positive change and enhance person centred care. The workbook will be used to ensure the important messages contained within the films will be put into practice daily, to re- awaken our humanity and compassion for others and ourselves, providing a pathway for greater implementation of personalisation, dignity and respect for older people. This means that they feel understood, respectfully involved and included, having opportunities to engage in meaningful and reciprocal relationships. The “What do you See?’ learning experience can be used by individuals but is best used in small groups to stimulate discussion and shared enjoyment of the creative learning tasks and reflective material. It is aimed at nursing and care staff in hospitals, care homes, extra care settings and domiciliary care , using unique tools for innovative person centred care based on personal experience and best practice.. This training pack may prove to be quite emotionally challenging at times, but we need you to allow yourself to “feel “more so that you can “see” more and ultimately “do” more for those in your care. We need you to share your personal stories at times and we expect there to be tears and a healthy mix of laughter along the way. We want to encourage you to be the best carers and “world makers” to older people that you can be and never to de- value or underestimate the importance of what you do. We all make a difference no matter how large or small, it is sowing the seeds that matters and having the courage to try.

Please use discount code DIGNITY50 at the checkout


"A valuable resource for the care industry"

Aims of the pack

This pack provides materials to help staff and others to explore and discover learning together that enhances person centred care and dignity for those working with older people.
The pack is designed to support the facilitator in guiding staff through individual and group learning experiences and exploration in order to:
  • Develop skills of self awareness in attitudes and values towards older people. Develop a keener understanding of the effects of ageism in society and in care settings
  • Challenge attitudes and stereotypes about working with older people
  • Consider the effects of institutionalised, task-orientated approaches to care and their impact on individual dignity and wellbeing.
  • Inspire and motivate people to work in person centred, compassionate and deeper spiritual ways.
  • Cherish the essence of the unique individuality of humans whatever their age or capabilities.
  • Develop skills of empathy to understand what it might feel like to be frail or dependent for health reasons and the experience of loss and change in later life.
  • Develop heightened awareness of the importance of personal beliefs and spiritual values in health and social care settings.
  • Agree actions to incorporate into daily practice to be supported by all levels of management and structures within the organisation.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:
  • Discuss the quality of relationships that bring compassionate care to older people.

  • Outline the importance of individuality and preserving identity.

  • Discuss ways of cherishing people as unique individuals.

  • Outline a range of communication skills needed to bring dignity and compassion into care.

  • Identify how individual creativity can be used to develop spiritual care and enhance relationships with older people, staff ,and relatives.

  • Describe the changing states of feeling/emotion and how these affect what we see, feel and do.

  • Describe new ways to serve with compassion, commitment and enjoyment!

  • Agree actions to be taken for quality improvement to improve quality of life for older people in a range of settings.

Please use discount code DIGNITY50 at the checkout


We believe in dignity and respect for the elderly and compassion in care. We provide valuable, inspirational dignity in care resources that address needs of isolation, emotional pain, grief and loss. We want to encourage you to be the best carers and 'world makers' to older people that you can be.

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