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The Heart Of Care is a series of live training by Amanda Waring providing inspiring, motivating, and heart-opening training for Professional Care Workers. The seven pioneering learning and development courses promote dignity, ensure wellbeing, and enable compassionate care for others, and ourselves.


Amanda Waring - Inspirational Speaker, Educator, Campaigner, Filmmaker.

In 2020, Amanda Waring celebrates her 20th Anniversary of Transforming Care Globally.

Amanda's new body of work - The Heart Of Care - embraces all she has learnt and shared over the past two decades. Her legacy with the new collection of masterclasses utilises and combines all her roles as an inspirational speaker, educator, campaigner, and filmmaker to provide unforgettable and transformative blended learning experiences.

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  • The Heart Of Carer's Wellbeing
    The Heart Of Carer's Wellbeing
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