Uniques Steps

The pack contains a range of challenging activities that capture the imagination and engage the emotions using easily accessible materials, inspirational supporting films, and creative materials with a simple to follow facilitators’s workbook that supports different styles of learning. In the 10 flexible steps we cover specific issues relating to the films.

Step One: First steps

To become fully engaged with the concepts of ageism and its effects, and to explore the need for person-centred care, dignity and respect.

Step Two: What do you see?

To allow the film ‘What do you see?’ to inspire new ways of empathetic working, dignity and greater involvement of older people in decisions.

Step Three: See me

To understand the importance of individuality and life stories in the delivery of person-centred care planning to support dignity.

Step Four: Valuing spirituality

To ensure that older people’s spiritual needs are identified and valued as an integral part of their quality of life.

Step Five: Activate solutions

This step explores dynamic solutions to common problems by enabling participants to walk in the shoes of an older person.

Step Six: Just for you

Caring for the carer: supporting and nurturing those working within health and social care settings for the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.

Step Seven: Home

To help understand the impact of moving into a care home, and ways to develop a person-centred culture within the care setting.

Step Eight: A life worth living

To develop an understanding of what enables meaningful living for older people in care settings and the importance of meaningful occupational engagement.

Step Nine: Knowing me, knowing you

To help create the conditions under which a person with dementia can experience a meaningful quality of life.

Step Ten: Celebration, exploration, and creativity

To provide practical ideas to encourage older people to be supported in every day activities to enhance quality of life, integrating activity into care.


The DVD includes Award winning films with Virginia McKenna, June Whitfield, Claire Rayner and over 20 tracks with additional films, Vox pops, interview, conferences, poetry and slide shows.

The CD ROM contains the dignity test, innovative Intergenerational and culture Awareness materials, challenges for leaders and managers, dementia care and communication activity ideas and guidelines for best practice and a range of additional handouts for each step.