The Heart Of Creative Care

The Heart Of Creative Care

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There is plenty of research to show how creativity and meaningful activity can improve both physical and emotional health and is therefore an important aspect of care

A frailer older person entering a care setting may find their self-belief, confidence and sense of identity is affected. They may have little expectations and may withdraw into themselves where boredom, disconnection from others, and tiredness, can be the consequence.

This is why it is so important care settings reflect the fact that older people need rich social interaction and creative opportunities to support their continuing  personal growth.

This Chapter provides creative and practical ideas to enable older people to receive more support in everyday activities that enhance enjoyment, learning and quality of life as central and integrated elements of care.


Amanda’s masterclass will be an uplifting and inspiring session where she shares unique tools from her own thirty year background in the creative arts, as a performer, filmmaker, writer, singer, poet and artist. She will provide you with innovative ways to connect with others in your care through music, song, and poetry, and how to use creative activity to enhance well being of staff and Elders.


The workbook includes:

Guidance and Tips for promoting well-being using creative arts, music as medicine, sharing meaningful activities for those with dementia, thinking outside the box ideas, and action plans to take learning forward.

Learning outcomes

  • To put into practice practical and creative ideas to encourage older people to be supported and motivated in every day activities to enhance their quality of life.
  • Learn new ways of integrating and inspiring activity into care.
  • To develop an understanding of what enables meaningful living for older people in care settings and the importance of meaningful occupational engagement.
  • How to demonstrate the balance between giving the right level of support versus ‘taking over’ in assisting with activities.
  • Using life stories creatively to restore memories and relationships.
  • Listing creative tools to enable better communication and bringing fun into the lives of all in care.

In this Chapter:

  • A Personal Message from Amanda Waring
  • Orientation
  • An Introduction with Amanda Waring
  • Award winning Films
  • One-on-one Masterclass with Amanda Waring
  • Group Masterclass with Amanda Waring
  • Commitment Pledges
  • Working Journal
  • Debate facilitation with Amanda Waring
  • Group and Individual Exercises
  • Print outs
  • Self-assessment schedule
  • Video guidance though out each section
  • A thank you from Amanda Waring and a signed Certificate of Completion

Additional Resources

  • Podcast
  • Audio Poems
  • Songs
  • Guided Meditations