The Heart Of Carer's Wellbeing

The Heart Of Carer's Wellbeing

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At The Heart Of Carer's Wellbeing

This vital chapter addresses who cares for the Carer, with so many incidents of low staff retention, sickness, mental health issues, burnout and compassion fatigue rife throughout health and social care settings it is imperative that the Carer’s well being is supported.

Do not underestimate the emotional and physical toll that caring for others can have on us. When we neglect our own self-care, we can become burnt-out, physically exhausted and depressed. Even worse, when we are tired and burnt out, ‘thoughtless’ behaviours can then escalate into abuse, whether physical, or emotional of those we care.

Amanda says, 'You are as important as those you care for'. In this vital, nurturing and inspirational Chapter, Amanda encourages participants to place themselves  at the heart of their own care so that they can better care for others.

Amanda’s thirty years of running women’s wellness groups provides a rich sharing of knowledge and understanding of ways to restore energy and hope through challenging times.


Amanda’s  powerful masterclass will soothe and inspire profound ways to support ourselves whilst supporting others. She will share innovative tools to provide support and nurture including exclusive online yoga sessions.

Relaxing classes will cover; chair yoga; breathing exercises; Emotional Freedon Techniques (EFT); meditation; breath work; reiki and energy techniques; sound bathing and more.


The workbook includes guidance and tips on ways to prevent burnout, self-assessment tools to help us recognise burnout, and positive ways to restore balance, energy and purpose.

Reflective exercises and opportunities to strengthen self esteem recognising signs of compassion fatigue, re-igniting compassion, self-care daily check list, positive solutions to restore emotional and physical balance, how to keep motivated and sustain morale, and a personal wellbeing charter. There will also be a section on the Care Badge shared and explained.


All participants can enjoy and benefit from lifetime access to Amanda's The Heart Of Care soothing meditations, affirmations, songs and poems for Carers; as well as Amanda's range of inspiring podcasts interviewing special guests, which provide a wonderful support.

Learning outcomes include

  • Understanding ways to care for yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • How to recognise compassion fatigue and burnout, what to look for, and how to address solutions.
  • Understanding and learning ways to relax and connect with yourself and more deeply.
  • Discussing the importance of working with emotions and acknowledging the effects of grief.
  • Discussing ways to maintain hope and protect wellbeing.
  • Developing an action plan to take learning further, and keep inspired and motivated.

In this Chapter:

  • A Personal Message from Amanda Waring
  • Orientation
  • An Introduction with Amanda Waring
  • Award winning Films
  • One-on-one Masterclass with Amanda Waring
  • Group Masterclass with Amanda Waring
  • Commitment Pledges
  • Working Journal
  • Debate facilitation with Amanda Waring
  • Group and Individual Exercises
  • Print outs
  • Self-assessment schedule
  • Video guidance though out each section
  • A thank you from Amanda Waring and a signed Certificate of Completion

Additional Resources

  • Podcast
  • Audio Poems
  • Songs
  • Guided Meditations