The Heart Of Spiritual & Emotional Care

The Heart Of Spiritual & Emotional Care

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For a Carer to understand ways to support the emotional and spiritual needs of those in their care is vital, valuable and rewarding. We have the opportunity to help people in a profound and heartfelt way. Good emotional care is as important as good medical practice and this chapter explores how and why.

For example cultivating patience and understanding  of the anxieties of an Elder entering a care home who possibly may be unsure as to whether they are moving into a community of emotional support or spending the rest of their days in an institutionalised environment.

Recognising how spiritual support can be identified and used pro-actively in a care plan to enhance mental well being.


Amanda’s powerful films including NO REGRETS prove emotive and engaging teaching tools on understanding the relative’s perspective, and the experience of loss, grief and guilt. Her unique short films create awareness of an older person’s emotional experience and enhance impactful learning for all participants. Amanda’s Inspirational podcasts with other experts in the field provide continued learning and deeper engagement with the topic of emotional and spiritual care.


Amanda’s masterclass emphasises the value of recognising the emotional and spiritual needs of others and she shares innovative experiential exercises and ways  to enhance communication and gentle support and reassurance of those who may feel alone, unloved, ignored and disconnected from their former life or faith and beliefs.


The workbook will provide

Guidance and Tips and exercises  on recognising and addressing emotional needs at times of transition, providing spiritual and faith support,  helping others feel needed, gratitude, the benefits of heartfelt listening , spiritual care-plans to enhance well being  

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding that an older person’s spiritual needs are identified and valued as an integral part of their quality of life.
  • Understanding the relatives perspective and their emotional needs.
  • Understanding the relatives perspective and the need for guidance and support on their relatives experience within care balanced with their own emotional needs.
  • Describe situations where emotional and spiritual care is needed.
  • How to provide appropriate person- centred support and understanding when to ask for help.
  • Recognising barriers to communication and positive solutions to heartfelt engagement.

In this Chapter:

  • A Personal Message from Amanda Waring
  • Orientation
  • An Introduction with Amanda Waring
  • Award winning Films
  • One-on-one Masterclass with Amanda Waring
  • Group Masterclass with Amanda Waring
  • Commitment Pledges
  • Working Journal
  • Debate facilitation with Amanda Waring
  • Group and Individual Exercises
  • Print outs
  • Self-assessment schedule
  • Video guidance though out each section
  • A thank you from Amanda Waring and a signed Certificate of Completion

Additional Resources

  • Podcast
  • Audio Poems
  • Songs
  • Guided Meditations