The Heart Of Dignified Care

The Heart Of Dignified Care

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The proportion of older people in the population is rising, so more support will be needed for the continuing care of those who need it, and we must understand the importance of recognising and honouring everyone’s intrinsic worth, regardless of age.

Those who are ending their lives deserve the same care and attention as those who are beginning their lives in the helplessness of infancy.

Addressing ageism and changing attitudes towards growing older are necessary steps when placing dignity at the heart of care.

Research has shown that supporting the dignity of another brings valuable insights and greater satisfaction to the carer themselves.

This Chapter Includes

Powerful films

Amanda Waring’s award winning and powerfully emotive film What do you See? to inspire  new ways of empathetic working, dignity and greater involvement of older people in decisions. To understand the importance of individuality and life stories in the delivery of person-centred care planning to support dignity.


Amanda’s inspirational  podcast with Virginia McKenna OBE addressing ageism and our own attitudes to ageing.


Amanda’s music video created for dignity action day is an uplifting motivational anthem to remind each of us that we all have our part to play in maintaining the dignity of others.


Amanda’s online Masterclass takes participants on an impassioned journey of how to improve care through meaningful engagement , compassionate connection and un talked of experiences of Elder’s .

The workbook will include further learning and innovative exercises and discussion topics , including

Guidance  on supporting the dignity of another, addressing thoughtless behaviour, self assessment quizzes for self reflection and understanding dignity breaches and dilemmas, protecting your dignity, whistle- blowing, upholding the dignity of those from the LGBT community and different cultures . .


  • To become fully aware of ageism and its effects in care settings
  • To re-focus staff to see older people as equally valued individuals, and to remember we all hold, right now, the seed of the older person we are to become.
  • Making dignity a conscious and integral part of participants delivery of care  by valuing the older person’s active involvement in their own care, engaging with them, and asking what they may need.
  • To understand ways of upholding the dignity of others and ourselves.
  • To discuss what person centred approaches means to us and how it is expressed to those we work with and support in care settings .
  • To recognise the need for respect and tolerance of each others roles, culture and sexual orientation.
  • To outline what we feel about our own ageing and how this affects what we see, feel and do.
  • To recognise and appreciate the positive impact older people have on our lives.
  • To agree future actions to take learning messages forward.

In this Chapter:

  • A Personal Message from Amanda Waring
  • Orientation
  • An Introduction with Amanda Waring
  • Award winning Films
  • One-on-one Masterclass with Amanda Waring
  • Group Masterclass with Amanda Waring
  • Commitment Pledges
  • Working Journal
  • Debate facilitation with Amanda Waring
  • Group and Individual Exercises
  • Print outs
  • Self-assessment schedule
  • Video guidance though out each section
  • A thank you from Amanda Waring and a signed Certificate of Completion

Additional Resources

  • Podcast
  • Audio Poems
  • Songs
  • Guided Meditations