Being A Good Carer

Being A Good Carer

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The care of the elderly is now one of the most pressing issues in our society set to become yet more vital as the population ages.

After experiencing the dreadful way her mother, the acclaimed actress Dame Dorothy Tutin, was treated in hospital at the age of 70 Amanda Waring has campaigned for the dignified care of older people and that they are treated with kindness and compassion.

Through her work as a filmmaker, public speaker and trainer Amanda has sought to provide solutions to the crisis in our care of the elderly.

"Let us recognise that those who are ending their lives in the frailty of old age deserve the same care and attention as those who are beginning their lives in the vulnerability of infancy."

Being A Good Carer outlines practical steps and advice from experts in the field, to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual care of the elderly while fostering deeper relationships between the carer and those they care for. Amanda Waring covers those topics that are often asked but where accessible answers are often difficult to find:

How to care for someone with dementia, where knowing as much as possible about what matters to them prepares for challenges ahead.

How to support individual emotional, and spiritual, needs, providing for that which gives meaning to a life.

How to support creative activities so that those being cared for are able to express their own voice and to find continued purpose.

Uniquely, Being A Good Carer also provides support and guidance for the carer: with tips on how to maintain energy and commitment, how to recognise the signs of compassion fatigue and where carers can get help if they need it.

Being A Good Carer is essential reading for anyone who cares for an elderly person, whether as a professional or as a loved one.

Amanda Waring is a presenter for Aged Care TV, an advisor on the government's Dignity board and her campaigning film What Do You See? has been shown around the world.